The Roundup

AI is here… so fire your employees. Many large companies are diving into AI. • Microsoft-backed OpenAI’s ChatGPT has stormed the world since its launch in November 2022…

  • Bain & Company has integrated OpenAI technologies, including ChatGPT and is applying it to their management systems, research and process. They’ve announced that Coca-Cola will be the first major consumer product company to use the system.
  • Khan Academy has announced that it will use ChatGPT-4 for an AI assistant named Khanmigo which functions as both a virtual tutor and classroom assistant.
  • Morgan Stanley has implemented GPT-4 to power their content library of investment strategies, market research, and analyst insights.
  • Duolingo is using GPT-4 to create Role Play, an AI conversation partner; and Explain My Answer which breaks down language rules when mistakes are made.
  • Snapchat has released My AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT available only to Snapchat Plus subscribers but plans on releasing it for all 750 million users soon.
  • Salesforce is working with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into Slack for instant conversation summaries, research tools and writing assistance.
  • Koo offers creators the ability to compose draft posts using ChatGPT either through typing or
How will you use ChatGpt in your business?

Quick Tip

Do you have a clear picture of the true value your customers bring? By calculating Lifetime Value (LTV), businesses can make shrewd marketing and budget decisions, while also planning for future growth. Knowing exactly how much each customer takes away in transactions helps companies ensure they’re investing wisely in advertising to drive more consumer traffic – unlocking even greater revenue potential!


Applying the principles of “Atomic Habits” to running a business can lead to improved efficiency, productivity, and ultimately, success.
Atomic Habits- Atomic Habits by James Clear offers an effective strategy to improving our lives – tiny tweaks over time. It provides a practical framework for altering bad habits and creating good ones, based on four key principles: make it obvious, attractive, easy and satisfying. By embracing the concepts of systems thinking rather than goal attainment–and identity-based changes instead of outcome orientation–we can achieve lasting transformation in all areas that we decide are important!

By focusing on small, incremental changes in daily operations and decision-making, a business can achieve significant long-term growth and improvements. The four principles—make it obvious, make it attractive, make it easy, and make it satisfying—can be applied to various aspects of business management, including employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and process optimization.

For example, a business owner might develop new habits around setting clear objectives and key results (OKRs) that are obvious and attractive to employees, simplifying processes to make them easy to follow, and rewarding teams for their achievements to make their work satisfying.

Additionally, the four-step process (cue, craving, response, and reward) can help identify areas for improvement within the business, enabling leaders to address issues at their core. By implementing habit-forming strategies such as habit stacking and the two-minute rule, businesses can encourage a culture of continuous improvement, adaptability, and growth. Ultimately, these atomic habits can help create a strong foundation for a thriving, efficient, and successful business. Get the book here:

Your Mission

Have you taken the time to really review your website from a customer’s point of view? Your online presence is now more important than ever, and it can no doubt be your silent 24-hour salesman.

Before you put this week on auto pilot, take some time to ask yourself these key questions: Is my site loading quickly enough for customers on both mobile and desktop? Am I clear about what products/services are being offered, who they’re meant for & how people can access them?

These might seem like small tweaks but they could make all the difference in turning visitors into leads or buyers while you sleep.

Check your website speed here: GTMetrix

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