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Customizable suites

You have a vision for your business and we're here to help you realize that vision.

Active Property Management

Keeping it clean and tidy so you can focus on running your business.

transparent Leasing

Upfront pricing and lease terms to ease your mind and prepare your wallet.

Business Improvement Allowance

We provide $$$ to assist with customizing your suite.

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Tenant FAQs

The most popular is a 5 year lease.  Some tenants are asking for 7 or 10 years with planning for inflation and anticipating that rental rates will continue to rise. And if they can lock that in, in today’s dollars, they’ll probably be more in control than the landlord being able to, let’s say, up the rent at the end of five years or up at at the end of three years or even one year. People could do a three year lease as well.  a 1 year lease or less isn’t that interesting to most landlords, because at the time, the money, the energy, the paperwork to get a box filled up.

The better the credit, the better. But like buying a house or renting a home, it doesn’t have to be perfect. So if someone has decent or good credit, it’s absolutely worth reaching out and inquiring about a space, about a property, especially if someone has good liquidity in the bank or they’re a great operator, or if the landlord really likes the business concept or that business would be a great complement to the existing tenants. We will look at the global picture of someone’s situation. So, you know, their business income, their personal income, their savings, their credit, their experience, the whole thing helps us to make a decision on who’s going to be the best tenant to backfill that space when a vacancy becomes available

Yes, it is. In fact, it’s pretty common if someone has decent credit and decent liquidity or cash and they’re signing a five or a seven or a 10 year lease. We can usually work in a couple months of free rent to help them ramp up and get going while either their space is being built out or even after they’ve opened to make money for a few months before they’re making those steady monthly rent payments. So definitely inquire about it. It’s dependent on everyone’s individual situation. So let us know what you have going on and we can let you know what’s possible, given the financial structure of the deal.

That means the landlord is contributing dollars (usually reimbursed) in some cases advancing those dollars for tenants to build out their suites. That money commonly goes towards, signs that you see on the building or monument sign or picking out new flooring, paint, fixtures or furniture. It can be plumbing, it could be electrical, any number of things that the tenant wants to do to customize their suite, to make it work really, really well for their business and very appealing for their customer base. It’s basically financed into the lease rate. And so, again, if someone signs a five or seven year lease and they want to have a 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 thousand dollar tenant improvement allowance, that’s not uncommon for someone to sign a multiyear lease.